Motorcycle Drivers and Helmets Essay

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As a motorcycle rider I know first-hand the importance of wearing helmets, not only for the driver but the passengers too. Last august I was in a motorcycle accident just down the road from my house. Not only have I been riding motorcycles for the past six years, but I have also had multiple safety driving courses from college and military. I never thought I would get into an accident especially just down the road from my house. I was driving at the speed limit and I had the right away when a woman pulled out in front of me and nearly took my life. I was air lifted to cooper hospital. I believe that the only reason I am still alive today is thanks to my helmet. Every state should require all motorcyclist and passengers to wear helmets …show more content…
Many of times motorcycle riders do not understand the dangers of not wearing a helmet. Accidents are not always cause by negligence of the driver. Death is all around us, but we should not have to deal with it if it can be avoided. As a father and a motorcycle rider I know how much my death would affect my love ones. I am a single father and sole provider to my four year old daughter. When one person dies there are many people affected. Motorcycle drivers many times are young and do not think about the consequences to their actions. In case of an accident a helmet lowers the risk of death by 42%. Nobody knows what is going to happen down the road from their house or any street for that matter. Wearing a helmet is important and sometimes it is the government’s job to protect us from ourselves. I cannot say that as a young driver I would have worn a helmet if I did not have to. The bills associated with motorcycle accidents can easily be reduced. According to the 2010 census more than 48 million Americans are uninsured (N. Mcgill 2013). Some of this uninsured Americans are motorcycle drivers that when they get hurt in a motorcycle accident the state is the one that gets stuck with the bill. Not only do some drivers drive without insurance but they also choose to ignore the risk of doing so. Not all drivers in the road have vehicle insurance let alone health insurance. Unlike car insurance which cover medical bills associated with an accident,

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