Misogyny in Horror Essay examples

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The horror/fantasy genre is a misogynistic place. For centuries women have been oppressed by men's ideas of what a woman should be like: domestic, obedient, married, and lower on the totem pole. Women are trapped within their surroundings. In “The Haunting of Hill House” Eleanor can't bear to be out of the house. There is an innate fear of women, which helps create these horrific stories. While there are very few stories that empower women, Gilman's “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a story that does. Gilman even says herself that this story was meant “to save people from being driven crazy.” This story is made even more of an example, because it is strongly based on Ms. Gilman's own struggles. Stories like Freeman's “Luella Miller” only instill …show more content…
For centuries women have been oppressed by men's ideas of what a woman should be like. Women are shown as the weak, inferior sex. Out of the many super heroes, only a few are women. Women in the workplace tend to make less than their male counterparts, and are less preferred for promotions. According to a study done by Time Magazine women only make 77 cents on the male dollar. We are expected to serve under a male boss, make less than our male employees, and follow their requests with complete agreement. Women are also supposed to bend to every beck and call of their husband. They are not to break the rules he sets, because he is the lord and master of the home, city, and country. With the foundation of this country it was stated that “all men are created equal,” “men” being the opportune word. While most might argue the founding fathers (if “founding fathers” doesn't tell you we're a patriarchal society I don't know what else I can show you) meant “mankind” I think they meant actual men, males. Women gained their rights to vote after African American men, who were once more oppressed than a white woman. It isn't seemly for a woman to be out of the house. Women are seen as the ones who stay home, cook, clean and have babies. Once we have babies we then have to stay home with the babies, cook for them, and clean up after them. While modern society accepts women in other roles outside the home you rarely see a

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