Malibu and Yosemite: The Burning Factor Essay

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Malibu has been burning ever since it’s been known to mankind. The geographic condition along with fierce Santa Ana wind has made it the perfect burning zone. Yosemite is prone to fire because of its natural condition but not to the extent like Malibu. Malibu has been inhabited for more than a century. Malibu is a place where people went to settle down because of the natural beauty. Mountains along with pacific shoreline are the perfect dream location for many reality businesses. All these natural beauties and the addition of hot and dry weather came with a dangerous problem; which is nothing but fire: a fire which is intensified exponentially by the wind of Santa Ana. In his book Ecology of Fear, Mike Davis explained that the fire hasn’t …show more content…
Very low interest loans are also available to home owners along with other disaster relief subsidies and there is always extraordinary range of insurance. Uncontrolled residential development is also a reason for firestorms. According to Davis, “Yet-as most experts will readily concede-periodic firestorms are inevitable as long as private residential development is tolerated in the fire ecology of the Santa Monicas” (Davis 99). All the residents of Malibu are playing with their luck by choosing to live in a disaster prone place like Malibu. Mike Davis argues for this place to burn considering its natural and geographic situation. Davis has stated, “Born from high-pressure areas over the Great Basin, the Santa Anas become hot and dry as they descend avalanche-like into Southern California” (Davis 100). This critical Geographical condition of Malibu along with hot and dry weather and most importantly the addition of Santa Ana wind should be clear indication to everybody that Malibu is not suitable for human settlements. Considering all the hazardous conditions of Malibu, Davis argues to let the nature take its own course without interruption. On the other hand, Yosemite National Park is located near San Francisco, California, and it experiences unexpected wildfires due to natural circumstances and human induced errors such as lightning, campfires,

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