Making Shrek Appeal to a Wider Audience Essay

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Making Shrek Appeal to a Wider Audience The producers of the film, 'Shrek', successfully modernise a traditional fairy tale plot, by adding a subtle twist and imaginative exploration into the notion of stereotypical characters. In this essay, I will analyse how the producers of 'Shrek' have constructed the film so that it appeals to a wide audience, including the whole spectrum of generations. In particular I am going to specifically focus on the characters of Shrek and …show more content…
The Scottish accent suggests a gentle and kind person, which creates a lasting good-natured impression upon the viewer's minds. All of a sudden, a large green hand tears away the page breaking the soft atmosphere with a harsh reality check: "Yeah; like that's ever gonna happen." The calming voice of the narrator changes to that of a loveable and laughable rogue. A loud upbeat rap song interrupts the romantic slow pace of the film and the background music. Following this, a long shot featuring a humble little hut and its surroundings. A flushing toilet sound effect leaves little to the imagination as to the destiny of the missing page from the book, especially when Shrek appears fully for the first time looking rather relieved. It is at this point, the audience are made aware that the film is not going to be a conventional fairy tale, and a certain element of humour becomes evident. The director uses various aspects of humour in order to appeal to the wide audience, which the film is aimed towards. For example since Shrek is a parody of fairy tales the variety of jokes are enhanced by the audiences past back-story knowledge of the fairy tale creatures. A sequence with a surprise ending between a songbird and Princess Fiona, further on in the story, has the audience in stitches, young or old, adding extra value and emotion to the experience.

After a further two shots, the camera zooms

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