Lunacy in The Lottery, A Rose for Emily, and The Swimmer Essay

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The word crazy is defined as a mentally deranged person, or done in a wild, aggressive manner. However, in many works of writing crazy can be portrayed in a variety of forms. In the Lottery, you see crazy in the concept of society and the blind following of tradition. This story also gives the term for crazy to describe the reactions of the woman who is being stoned. A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner, in contrast, shows crazy as a result of death and denial. Lastly, by contrast and comparison, you can see crazy by the irrational actions of Neddie in The Swimmer. The Swimmer is different in that it views crazy through mental debility and denial. By looking at these you can see overlapping definitions. Many short …show more content…
7). Her actions and words came out as crazy but we know she is only fighting for her life so there is a sense of sanity in her form of crazy. In contrast, A Rose for Emily is a lot simpler to interpret. It is easy to see that Emily is crazy because of what the people in the community say about her. Throughout the story you hear the towns people whisper “poor Emily” (Part III – Para. 4). By the end of the story you know that she is mentally ill. You see this foreshadowed when she has problems with facing her father’s death and doesn’t release his body for three days after he dies (Part II – Para. 13). Then Emily’s craziness is proven in the end when the author reveals that she killed Homer Barron with arsenic because she didn’t want him to leave her; as well as finding that she was in denial of his death because of the gray hair which gave the impression that she had been sleeping in the same bed as his body for many years after (Part V – Para. 4-7) Lastly, The Swimmer by John Cheever explores a form of crazy found from personal experiences, mistakes, and loss. During the story Neddie swims through all of his neighbors pools, while drunk (Page 2 - Para. 1-2). Neddie is crazy because he thinks that that is completely normal. His neighbors cover it up and treat him fine because his state of mental debility. Neddies mental state and denial lessen his ability

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