Louisa, Please Come Home by Shirley Jackson Essay

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“Louisa, Please Come Home,” by Shirley Jackson, is a first-person narrative story that tells the experience of Louisa in the small town of Rockville during the 1950s. The main characters are Louisa Tether, Mrs. Peacock, Carol Tether, Mrs. Tether, Mr. Tether, and Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Tether, Mrs. Peacock, and Paul work together to solve the problem of Louisa runs away from home. Throughout the story, Shirley Jackson shows the life of Louisa, and ultimately, aspects of this character’s personality shine.

The main character, Louisa Tether is a nineteen-year-old-girl, who is fair-haired, five feet four inches tall, and weighs one hundred twenty-six pounds. Her personality could be described to be intelligent, imprudent, and organize. The
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“My pictures were on the Chandler papers a lot. No one ever looked at me twice. I went to work, I shopped in the stores, and I went to the movies and the beach with Mrs. Peacock. No one recognized me. I had done a perfect job of changing my identity.” Louisa’s pictures are on the newspapers in Chandler. No one ever looks at her twice. Whenever she goes, no one recognizes her. For example, when she goes to work, shops in the stories, goes to the movie, and go to the beach with Mrs. Peacock. Although everyone looks at her twice, no one still recognizes her. She does an excellent of changing her identity. This all shows Louisa’s cleverness throughout the whole story.

Impudent is another characteristic that is displayed in Louisa throughout the whole story. On several occasions, Louisa runs away from home because of a small little problem. The problem is that Louisa spoils her sister’s wedding. “She would never have wanted to spoil my wedding, Carol said.” While it is true that Louisa indulges her sister’s wedding, Louisa should say sorry to her sister. However, if she apologizes to her sister, her sister would have a sadden face and would infuriate at her. She does not have a choice. Hence, she chooses to run away from home. That is the only choice she could choose before she gets yell by her sister. Another occasion was when she leaves her family for several years. “She said, “Louisa, Please Come

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