Lion King vs Hamlet Essay

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Lion King vs Hamlet

The movie, The Lion King, and the book, Hamlet, both have a similar story line. In both stories, the king is killed and revenge is sought by the king’s son. The murderers in the stories are the king’s brothers who want the power of the throne. After the death of the Kings, both of the villains successfully took over the kingdoms. While these villains ruled, the kingdoms slowly deteriorated. Neither of the sons liked the villains, but they did not know at first that they had anything to do with their father’s death. It took an outside force to convince them that they must vow revenge for their father’s death. Both sons had the wit to approach revenge strategically. They wanted the villains to know that they knew
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The three Hyenas become Scar’s helpers. He uses them to do his work and to keep an eye on Simba. The Hyenas think that by helping Scar, they will earn some power, but Scar eventually double-crosses them.

In Hamlet, Hamlet’s mother crosses her son by marrying Claudius. She loved Hamlet, but she wanted to keep her title as queen. Throughout the play she shows that she is loyal to Claudius because she tells him everything that Hamlet tells her. Hamlet can’t understand how a woman could just forget the love of one man, his father, and jump right into another bed with a new man. He begins to hate all women because of this. In The Lion King, Sarabi, Simba’s mom has great pride and faith in her son. When her husband dies, she knows that Simba is not to blame. She also believes that Simba has the strength to take the throne back and reclaim the kingdom.

Hamlet’s only friend who he can trust in the play is Horatio. When Hamlet sees the ghost of his father, he is able to confide in Horatio about what he had seen and what the ghost had told him. The ghost told Hamlet that Claudius was the murderer of his father. This is easy for Hamlet to believe because he doesn’t like Claudius. Hamlet gets an idea to perform a play in front of the whole kingdom that would depict the way in which he believed Claudius killed his father. He shares his idea with Horatio and gets him to watch Claudius to see how he

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