Essay on Light Pollution in Hong Kong: An Environmental Nuisance

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Have you ever seen a starry night in Hong Kong?
According to a study by the faculty of science at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong has become the most light-polluted city in the world, with its local urban night sky as much as 1,000 times brighter than the international dark sky standard.
Light pollution in Hong Kong not only affects the visibility of stars, but also leads to energy wastage and post negative effects on ecosystem and living standards; nevertheless, it is possible that technological control measures, education, legislation and can tackle the problem from its roots.
As a crowded metropolitan city, light pollution has become a severe environmental problem in Hong Kong.
There have been increasing public concerns about
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Light pollution disrupt natural scenery, including masking stars. It also disturbs the ecosystem by affecting wildlife that relied on light signals such as fireflies and sea turtles.
Excessive light posts nuisance on residents. Studies also revealed that light pollution can affect brain function and disrupt the body clock. In addition, excessive lighting may increase the chance of having cancer, causing ill health.

Levy electricity tax or increase electricity tariff for corporation’s electricity consumption during midnight can help raising corporations’ awareness on energy conservation and control light pollution.
Use of lighting during midnight is actually a wastage of energy. Not to mention the billboard lights and advertisement signs are not cost-effective for advertising, they also act as nuisance to residents in terms of their brightness.
The increase in production cost provides incentive for business corporations to cut electricity usage and avoid excessive use of lighting.
The solution may lead to economic downturns like inflation and laid-off workers.
Automatic control lighting system could help reduce adverse impacts of external lighting by optimizing the use of the external lighting.
Incorporate automatic control allow light to switch off the external lighting when not needed or after business hours while incorporation of occupancy sensor control allow light to switch on or dimmed state

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