Life in Malaysia: Help Is Needed Now Essay

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Malaysia has definitely seen its share of problems throughout the years. Unfortunately, these problems seem to be continuing on with no end in sight. The Malaysian government, who is in control of creating specific types of agencies when needed, is the only ones who have enough authority to address all of these problems and have some type of response come from it. The government in Malaysia ultimately decides when certain laws are passed or thrown out. Because they are the main decision makers of this country, they should be the ones that address all of the problems and issues occurring in the country. Malaysia is currently dealing with environmental issues due to forest fires and industrialization, high crime rates, mostly pertaining to …show more content…
Appreciation for the land and its environment has seemed to depreciate throughout the past few years. Although Malaysia is a large global exporter of timber, deforestation is becoming a concern because methods of sustainable development have not been utilized throughout the years (Malaysia: Environmental conditions, 2010). Crime is becoming a serious problem within the country of Malaysia, as well. Human trafficking has been a major issue throughout the country for quite awhile now. It has been stated that the majority of people being trafficked are Malaysian women and children and are used for sexual exploitation in several other countries (Academy for Educational Development, 2007). With that being said, many migration workers are being coerced into forced labor and involuntary servitude also (Academy for Educational Development, 2007). While there are programs in Malaysia that were created to prevent human trafficking, there still seems to be a great deal of it happening within the country with no punishments being made. Human trafficking is not the only crime being committed within the country; according to Chor Foon Tang, statistics show that crime cases have risen from 66,000 in 1990 to 182,000 in the year 2000 (Tang, 2011, p. 50). While some of these cases are trivial crimes made throughout the town, such as robbery, statistics are showing that the high rise in crime rates may be due to unemployment. While that is a common reason for

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