Lab Report Testing Effect of Tulips on the Speed of the Healing Process

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Lab Report Testing Effect of Tulips on the Speed of the Healing Process

Variable The variable in this experiment is plants given to patients recovering from hip surgery.
Five patients will be given tulips to take care of in their hospital room, while five patients will just undergo normal physical therapy for recovery.

Control All of the people in this experiment will be the same age and will be recovering from the same surgery. The patients will also be observed in a hospital setting and must stay in the hospital until they are healed. The people in this experiment will also be the same sex. The people given tulips will be compared against the people not given tulips. All are to undergo normal therapy during the
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The people with the plants may go into the physical therapy sessions with a more positive attitude than those who do not have plants to take care of.

State a Hypothesis If patients are given tulips to take care of after hip replacement, then they will heal quicker than the normal time it takes people recovering from hip replacements to heal.

Design an Experiment 1) Choose ten people who are to undergo hip surgery. The people are to have the same operation. They are to be 67 year old females. 2) Place tulips around five of the patient's hospital rooms after surgery for them to take care of. Give the other five people no tulips. 3) Have each patient keep a daily journal about their progress and how they feel the plants have affected it. If they were not assigned plants, have them keep a journal solely on their progress. 4) Check to make sure that the five patients assigned plants are actually taking care of their plants. Also, make sure that everyone included in the experiment is also undergoing normal physical therapy, and all are given the same pain medication. 5) Track the progress of the people throughout the experiment. Visit each person once a day. Ask them how their progress has been or if they have been feeling better or worse than

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