Essay on Key Ingredients to Leading a Good Life

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Final Exam #1 When a person or a loved one passes it is natural to wonder whether or not he or she lived a happy and fulfilling life. While one can make their own judgments and decide for oneself, I believe that there are a few aspects that are absolutely necessary to live a good life. While these assumptions beg for an answer to the definition of ‘happy’ and ‘good,’ our purposes in this paper are more generalized and I will not go into detail of their meanings. I will assume that our audience has a comprehensive view of these terms and their day-to-day implications. As I said, there are three aspects of life that are absolutely necessary in order for a human to live a good life; the length of one’s life, the presence of love, and the …show more content…
Love being a fundamental necessity to a good life may strike you as odd or incomprehensible at first, but upon further explanation one will better understand its purpose in this short list. Have you ever attended a funeral and there was almost nobody present to pay respects? The overwhelming sadness that overcomes a person when they realize that a person could live a life with no loved ones and die alone is heartbreaking. A person must receive a great amount of love during its formidable and developmental years in order to become a fully functional and happy human being. Those who do not receive love will most likely be outcasts and loners, unable to form connections and bonds to other people or living beings. If you have ever met a person who is a loaner and has nobody to love or be loved by there are noticeable unhappy. If a person did receive love as a child or teen they will then in turn be able to give love, and nurture another living being. Both giving and receiving love are extremely rewarding to our human nature. Scientists have always listed human needs as Air, Food, and Water. Within recent years many scientist have now begun listing Love as a human necessity. Our abilities to satisfy the need for love will no doubt form social relationships and as a very social creature capable of cognitive thought we feel a

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