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Java: It's not just for breakfast anymore!

The World-Wide Web as it is today reminds me of a bad date I had once; boring, flat, and unexciting. It does absolutely nothing for me. The pages are limited by the specifications of HTML which calls for a two-dimensional layout and a static page. I for one am looking for some new element. A new angle if you will. Something to jolt some life into The Web. Sun Microsystem's Java will bring a new interactive element to the Web. It is designed to enhance the browsing experience and take us into the next generation of The Web. "Java is an object-oriented language that adds animation and real-time interaction through in-line applications (called applets)." (Network Computing)

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It is robust and portable in that the language itself is not architecture or machine specific. The language is universal, the interpreter is written for a specific platform. Java is designed to operate seemlessly on all platforms. The Java code is embedded into the HTML page. Java enables Web pages to include animation, graphics, and music. It adds real-time interaction to the page. Instead of the same old static page, you have an interactive window with information that is automatically updated before your eyes.

There are three key advances, firsts in the field, for Java. The first is secure code and document transfer. Java is a secure language which includes such features as validation security programs to guard against viruses. Also, the interpreter has no ability to remove all files from the hard drive. The second advancement is interactively. The code comes from the server and interacts with the client, causing it to perform whatever task the code is designed to carry out. Finally, the Java code is in a truly multi-platform format. "Java objects are shipped around the network in a non-machine-specific form. Only the interpreters are machine-specific, so Java programs will run on any machine for which an interpreter is available." (P.C. LETTER) You will be happy to know that Sun is trying to build interpreters for as many platforms as it can.

Now that we know what Java is and have a concept of how it works, how do we view these applets? Will my current Web

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