Jackie Chan Reshaping Martial Arts Through Film Essay

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“He’s a living legend, if you’ve never seen action. Who does all his own stunts.” Jackie Chan, known for his reckless stunts, comedy, and bizarre English, has introduced Hollywood to a newly perception and invented martial art that appeals to all sorts of audiences. He incorporates his knowledge from his younger days in the Peking Opera and China Drama Academy under the guidance of Master Yu Jim- Yuen, a famous Peking opera wu-shen performer, who is considered to be the grandfather of Hong Kong martial arts movies. Not only did he learn a lot from the opera and academy that helped him enter to the U.S. movie market, but also his inspiration from and working with Bruce Lee, who helped bring Hong Kong Cinema to the United States. However, …show more content…
Chinese opera has been compared to American musical theater such as Broadway or any large American music theater production but the difference between the two is the artistry in the Chinese opera, which seems to fit well in the film industry. The first Chinese theater production that arrived in the United States was in the Hong Took Tong Company. They provided entertainment and memories to the Chinese immigrants that arrived in the 1850s. In 1961, Jackie Chan was enrolled, at the age of seven, to the Peking opera school where he received training in the arts of traditional opera and progressed to the martial arts form of the opera. Chan described his training to be a painstaking experience. “We woke up every morning at five o’clock and cheated on our headstands…until the masters’ approach. The exercises were extremely painful.” Although, it was difficult for Chan to complete his training at the opera, the opera gave him the knowledge of traditional Chinese art, which greatly helped Chan’s career in film.
Bruce Lee was the first Asian to enter the film industry in America and produced, what is supposed to be kung fu. Lee grew up in Hong Kong and at the age of six, he already was featured in The Beginning of a Boy, The Orphan, etc. So, at a young age, he already had the theatrical background, which helped him in the Chinese film industry. At the age of thirteen, he learned Win Chung from Yip Man,

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