Essay about Ivan Denisovich Shukhov

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Ivan Denisovich Shukhov

The wind whistles by as he steps out on the snow. It crunches beneath his feet. He shudders. Its seventeen below outside and the sun isn't up yet. In the distance, men march and line up in fives. Guards circle the men as a beast circles its prey, with no forgiveness or mercy. He is in no mood to work, as his stomach still yurns for food and the thought that he still has to face a day's hardship filled with work, orders, and the harsh cold begins to set in his mind. Hope and any means of happiness are lost. He starts to walk out, trying to avoid any trouble, keeping his thoughts to himself; minding his own business. He reaches his place and stands appropriately in line, again, trying not to make any
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It was the people who always found use of everything that were going to survive. As for Shukhov his doorway to "freedom" lay in the strenuous path of work. "He worked with drive, but his thoughts were elsewhere." (76). Shukhov has work of his own, but that doesn't stop him from going over to help someone else as a means of making sure that everything will be perfect. "Listen, men, give your trowels to Gopchik. Mine's not on the list. So I won't have to hand it in. I'll keep going." (87). Despite this, the truth behind it is that Shukhov wanted to continue the work because he did not want to waste anything; he wanted everything to be perfect. Although, it is because of this that the men respect him and know he is a man of quality; the squad is an important aspect of survival and for Shukhov to have those kind of men on his side was another reason for the inevitability of his survival. Although, the relationship with his squad will always, more or less, be positive, unlike his relationship with other Zeks and men. When it comes down to survival one doesn't see past what benefits him, and in this case, his squad as well; squads and people fight and compete all the time, whether it be for tools or food, to ensure their own survival (people are not more important than one's self). Even though every squad is assigned to different areas, there still is always competition between Shukhov and others, even some who are in

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