How Are Suspense and Tension Created in The Red Room? Essay

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How Are Suspense and Tension Created in The Red Room?

In The Red Room by H.G. Wells a lot of suspense and tension is created. The Red Room fits into the gothic genre because it has some of the requirements for a gothic story in it, like, being set in a castle, an atmosphere of mystery and suspense, a prophecy, the supernatural and high levels of emotion. The story creates tension in lots of ways such as, shadows, noises, charcters and general mystery surrounding the red room.

At the beginning of The Red Room the author creates tension by having the narrator straight away in a scene which is unusual to him, he is in a dark old room with old people who are mostly disfigured and slightly other worldly in the way they look and
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“My precise examination had done me good…” So after looking around the red room the narrator has now managed to settle himself that he is alone in the red room. It is important that this is realised because it is lowering tension so it can be built back up again, so the tension does not reach a peak before the main events of the story.
Tension reaches its peak in The Red Room when the narrator becomes extremely scared and by what is going on inside of the red room.

“… speaking with a half-hysterical facetiouness.” The narrator is now becoming hysterical with fear; he has mainly become this frightened because of what the candles are doing.

“… vanished four candles at once in different corners of the room.” So it sounds like almost like some ghostly presence or something is going round extinguishing the candles. The story ends still with tension but not nearly as much because once the narrator is out of the red room he reveals what is really in there and this significantly lowers the tension.

“Fear! Fear that will not have light nor sound, that will not bear with reason…” so actually the only thing that is really in the red room is a man’s fear of the supernatural even when there is none.

The setting of the story in Lorraine Castle creates tension and suspense because castles are seen as dark and scary places to be wandering in at night, and the fact that Lorraine

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