History of Braces and Orthodontics Essay

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It is said that "33% of the world's population has undergone orthodontic treatment at some point in their life" (Evans). This means one third of the people in the world have used some type of tooth-correcting method to better the smiles of the world. When first reading this one would assume metal braces have been used, but that is not always the case. So what are other orthodontic treatments that can be used? What orthodontic treatments are the most effective? Although the most useful orthodontic treatment is tradition braces, Invisalign, veneers, laser treatments, orthodontic surgery, dental bonding, and extracting or implanting can also enhance the appearance of teeth without the hassle of braces. Invisalign is a trendy …show more content…
Dr. Marchbanks suggests that traditional metal braces should be used if there are "major movement[s] of back teeth, correction of "cross-bite" in back teeth, or [if there are] combinations thereof." In conclusion, Mark Marchbanks, DDS says that speaking to a professional is recommended, but if possible, Invisalign is an overall better choice of orthodontic treatment, when compared to traditional metal braces (Marchbanks). If a patient decides on getting classic metal braces, there are many options the patient or orthodontist will have to choose from. Another idea, by Cleveland Clinic (12/18/2013) is that different types of braces and brackets can be used aside from the traditional braces, keeping in mind the severity of the patient. Tradition bands are metal braces with metal brackets and bands. Mini-braces offer a smaller less noticeable version of traditional braces, but cannot be used on all patients. Brackets are places on the front of teeth and can be stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic. Know that plastic and ceramic brackets "cause more friction between the wire and brackets, which can increase treatment time" (Cleveland Clinic). Lingual-type brackets are another option that can be put on the back of teeth so the brackets are hidden. Invisible aligners are clear and can be used if small adjustments need to be made and are used for cosmetic reasons. In conclusion, Cleveland Clinic offers many different braces

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