Historical and Contemporary Aspects of Food and Culture in America and the Influence of Cuban Cuisine

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Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of various foods ranging from foods brought to the region by European colonizers, to those from the cuisine of African, Chinese, and Indian immigrants to the region. Original Caribbean foods are said to be those of the Carib, Arawak, and Taino tribes (Miller, Vandome, McBrewster, 2010). Common foods in the region include pork, goat, and fish, cassava, rice, various types of beans. Fresh fruits grown in the region such as Guava, and Papaya are also a favorite. The Caribbean region consists of several islands and countries. This paper seeks to specifically study cuisine from Cuba and its influence on food and culture in America.
Geographic Overview,
Cuba is a large island located west of Haiti and the
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A breakdown in trade relations between the two countries led to rationing of food, gasoline, and electricity, causing dissent amongst the people who wanted political and economic freedom.
Cuban culture is a mix of various influences drawn from the different races and sub-cultures present in Cuban society. It exists within the borders of the Cuban republic and abroad. Cubans have made great contribution in Music, the arts, literature as well as athletics (Luis, 2001).
Food Habits
Cuban cuisine fuses Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences to create recipes unique to this tropical Caribbean country. Cubans use fresh ingredients with the exception of dried spices, and the food includes meat, sauces, coffee, desserts, rice, and vegetables. Olive oil is widely used in cooking, and all items of food are brought to the table at the same time, unlike in other cultures. Dessert is however served later. Cubans use healthy cooking methods and rarely is food deep fried. Fresh meats are cooked for a long time over low flames, especially in traditional Cuban homes where firewood is still used to prepare meals. In modern kitchen settings, Cuban chefs prefer to use low heat to cook meats.

Typical Meals
Typical Cuban meals consist of rice and beans, pork or beef meat, a ‘Vianda’, which refers to starchy foods such as potatoes, plantains, or corn, and a salad, usually consisting of tomatoes,

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