Hindu Devotees and The Ramanathaswamy Temple Essay

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Rameswarambooming economy is through tourism,trades and services. It is also well known for its economy though other Industries such as fishing Industry and Handicraft goods.
Tourism as backbone of Economy:
Rameswaram attracts wide range of tourists from pilgrim visitors to water sports, from architecture to beaches.It attracts tourism from all over the world by its heritage historic temples, beautiful beaches, splendid architecture and magnificent sculptures in the temple, Pamban Rail, water sports and for its beautiful island known for its many ancient mythological beliefs.
Hindu Devotees from various part of the country reach Rameswaram and finish their final Yatra to achieve the heavenly abode or Moksha.The prime important pilgrim
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Tourists for various reasons reach the place and fulfill each of their desires. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of Rameswaram.
Other Business activities
Fishing Industry
Rameswaram is a main fishing centre of Tamil Nadu.Rameswaram is a coastal area hence to be well known for Fishing.Fishing is done in small scale in recent times due to Sri Lank costal gaurds interruption on the Indian Fishermen. The total coverage for shipping industry is smaller but the deep sea helps the fishermen to fish various special species of fishes.Variety of fishes including export quality fish like prawns, sea cucumber, and lobster are available here. Rameswaram is also famous for its dry fish.
Coral and Handicraft Industry
Coral industry in Rameswaram is run in small scale level. The corals residue near the island shores helps the small scale workers to make many decorative wall hangings and embellishments. Well known for a variety of beautiful handicraft and decorative items, all shop are lined near the temple. Visitors can find different items made from palm leaf, beads and seashells. Khadicraft is the particular shop from where handicraft items can be purchased. Rameswaram silk saris are very popular among the women.
Seashore has always been a fascinating and recreational place for young and old. In e seashore, people of diverse age groups can be seen moving around and picking things. What is that they are looking for and collecting? Yes, it is nothing but

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