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     Have you ever had a crime committed against you? In today’s society we are faced with crime all around us. There are crimes committed out of rage, revenge, jealousy, love, greed, etc; but there is another type of crime, or one could say act of violence, called hate crimes. Have you ever thought maybe that crime was committed against just because of your racial background, or religious beliefs? Throughout this country’s history, hate crimes have taken place, either by known groups who hate and, most commonly, individuals that are inspired by hate. Not until recently have the people of this country ever wanted to pass a law that would punish the guilty to an even higher extent because
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People can always argue that there was no bias involved and that they just committed the crime. In many cases that would be hard to do. For instance, do you think that the average Joe committing a robbery at the local deli, that just happened to be owned by people of Asian decent, would think this law would sidetrack him and make him say to himself, “I should rob the deli in the next town because their owner is white.” Now, nobody knows it, but Joe hates Asians. How can you prove he committed the crime out of hate? It’s almost impossible in my opinion. If this law was passed, do you think people knowing that they would get a higher sentence would say to themselves, “no, it’s just not worth it”. Now, for the most serious crimes (obviously including murder), is it reasonable to think adding tougher legislation for hate crimes really means all that much or do you think it would give the victim any satisfaction in knowing that on top of getting murder one, he faces more time in the slammer? Well, it really depends on the individual. (Jacobs 5) I would think that, if someone were going to committee a crime intentionally, they really wouldn’t care. Another point is that a large percentage of aggravated assaults and battery are fights that break out at bars and on the streets. The initiation of the crime is not necessarily brought on by hate, but by some meaningless argument and when that case goes to

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