Harry S Truman Essay

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Harry S Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. He was born in Lamar, Missouri, in 1884. He grew up in Independence and worked for 12 years as a farmer on his parents’ lands. In 1917, soon after the USA entered the First World War, he was enlisted in the army. After returning from the war Harry Truman joined the Democratic Party. Since then he became an active participant of the local politics. His political career started with the election as a judge in Jackson County Court in 1922. Truman become a Senator in 1934. During the War World Two he headed Senate’s investing committee, checking the corruption and waste. In 1944 Truman was asked to become a Vice President of Franklin Roosevelt instead Henry Wallace. However, he …show more content…
After Truman won the nomination they formed the States' Rights Democratic Party (Dixiecrats) and chose Thurmond as their presidential candidate. The candidate from the Republican Party was Thomas E. Dewey. Dewey was a governor of New York. He had already run for the presidency in 1944 and only slightly lost to Franklin Roosevelt. He led the liberal wing of the GOP. With two former democrats, Strom Thurmond and Henry Wallace stanHarry Truman didn’t have good chances in the Presidential election 1948. Many people in Truman’s own political party weren’t agreeing with him in many points, especially about the Civil Rights Act. Every prediction showed that he would be defeated by Thomas Dewey. However, Truman won, gaining 303 electoral votes. He also got 24,179,347 (49.6%) popular votes. Dewey got 21,991,292 (45.1%) and Thurmond got 1,175,930 (2.4%). The election of 1948 consider by many historians as the most surprising election winning in the American history. The three key states in that election were Ohio, Illinois and California. Truman could hardly win them with the margin less than 1%. All those States together gave Truman 78 electoral votes. With the similar narrow margin he could win Idaho and Nevada. However, Dewey countered by narrowly carrying New York and Pennsylvania, the states with the most electoral votes at the time but it wasn’t enough for him to win the election.
Before the election, it seemed impossible for Truman to defeat Dewey largely because

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