Handbook of Postmodern Lobotomy Essay

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Since Egaz Moni created lobotomy as invasive surgical technique to treat certain mental illnesses, rivers of ink have run for and against it. Originally, the new therapy was adopted heartily by those who wanted to get rid of headaches ... this is, other people, of course: Do I have a rebellious son or a daughter? Lobotomy! My niece is a bit frivolous, and my sister does not know what to do with her? Lobotomy! My wife is very jealous? Lobotomy! My mother-in-law tortures my life? Lobotomy! In the U.S., a country that always to adopt new everything (if work, it is good), it came as between 40,000 and 50,000 surgeries. American lobotomy had even famous names like Kennedy. Rosemary, daughter of Joseph, the founder of the eponymous clan, had the …show more content…
Worse yet, the progress of humanity are always stopped by the hypocritical actions of people who put the outcry when they discover what other Freemans and Josephs (not only Kennedy but Mengele ...) do.

We, members of the World Society for New Generations “Lobotimization”, must learn from past mistakes, draw lessons from negative experiences, and act with subtlety and discretion in order to achieve our plans: Making qualitatively and quantitatively idiotic new generations, in order to control them completely. For this reason, for review and final approval, we are communicating to our partners some important policies that shape the Handbook of Postmodern Lobotomy, to be published next year. The following are general guidelines for our future actions.

First, destroy the family. No matter if two-parent, single parent, extended, etc. The most important thing is to exacerbate the individualism of the new generations so that, when dispersed family ties, individuals become part of new social structures that are easier to control. How we do it? We will increase, for example, teenager consumerism, and at the same time we raise the cost of living. With this, parents will be forced to work harder to meet the needs of their children. As they will be unable to spend much time with their children, and give them protection and love properly, parents will try to avoid the guilt of conscience, pampering

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