Hamlet and Suicide Essay

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Shakespeare's Hamlet, was written during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance valued the accomplishments of the Greek and Romans (Guisepi). The intellectuals of this period wished to recover what was lost during the Middle Ages. For that reason the Renaissance is known as a "rebirth" of art and culture (Guisepi). Hamlet, is one of Shakespeare's well known plays. It is a tragedy because the plot allows for great suffering of the "hero" or main character. In the play, the tragic hero, Hamlet, is visited by the ghost of his father. His father had died a month before, and his mother has remarried. From the ghost Hamlet learns that his uncle, Claudius, who had just married his mother, murdered his father. Throughout the play Hamlet seeks to …show more content…
Aquinas views towards suicide fallow the same outlooks of those during the Renaissance. The character Ophelia, in Hamlet, is driven mad after several tragic events, and ultimately drowns. It is though that she committed suicide, due to the fact that she fell into the water and did not try to get up. The beginning of the fifth act shows two gravediggers who are discussing the grave in which they are digging. They are arguing over the fact that the person for which they are digging the grave was drowned, and shouldn't be allowed consecrated ground, as stated by Christian Law. They go on to discuss that those who carry a certain status can get away with such things. In this scene Shakespeare clearly states the views of suicide during the Renaissance. Throughout the play Shakespeare comments multiple times on the topic of suicide. Hamlet along with other characters contemplate the notion of suicide. Of those who contemplate suicide, Hamlet is the one who gives the topic the most thought. Hamlet contemplates suicide twice during the play. First, time Hamlet discusses suicide is in act one, scene two. After speaking with his mother and Claudius, Hamlet is alone on stage when he speaks the following lines: "O, that this too too sullied flesh would melt,/Thaw and resolve itself into a dew!/Or that the

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