H.M.S Pinafore Essay examples

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Executive Summary
The purpose of this document is to report the proposed decisions in the planning and administering of the H.M.S Pinafore production activities. I, Francis Vanden Hoven, have been selected as producer of this production. Thus, as producer I have overall responsibility for all aspects of the show. I am expected to plan the show’s major phases, delegate authority to several managers, provide moral support, and ensure that revenues and expenses meet budgeted targets. In knowing these roles and responsibilities I knew it would be best to begin by meeting with people involved that had experience with the Society. I’ve organized the activities as discussed in this meeting and was able to find the critical path, prepare a Gantt
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Table 2
Activity Description Time (Days) Precedence H.M.S Pinafore Performance
1 Budget Approval 2 Program
2 Hire Publicity Director 14 1
14 Get photos and

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