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In March of 2010, amid national controversy, Congress passed and President Obama signed into law the Affordable Health Care Act. According to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pamphlet, the law is supposed to cut health care costs (“Understanding the Affordable Care Act: About the Law”). But where does it specifically say that it will, and more importantly, how? Looking through the Compilation of Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, published by the Office of Legal Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives during the debate of the bill, I found nothing in it that would reduce the costs a person would pay for a doctor's visit or a prescription from the pharmacy. But there is plenty of information on how …show more content…
I find that simply to be a plug to buy into insurance companies. And while the basic idea of it is true, that people with health coverage receive more health services than those without, there are doctors that do not accept insurance simply because it limits their options they can give a patient. I have found these doctors to offer very good care at considerably less rates. For instance, I remember going to two doctors as a child. One of them was Doctor Norton who did not accept insurance, and a pediatric care facility that did. A standard physical examination to participate in sports at school would cost five dollars with Dr. Norton, and over thirty-five dollars at the pediatric facility. Take note that the thirty-five dollars was the amount my parents paid, not including the amount the insurance company paid them. A newspaper article in The Orange County Register, quotes a number of consumers that chose to get prescriptions and health care without use of their insurance because it was cheaper, shows these same results that I experienced (Perkes). Businesses conduct their operations to make money. Insurance companies are a perfect example of this. They accept premiums from consumers, with the promise to pay their bills, if the consumer should need medical care. If the consumer does not need medical care, they make more money. The more consumers they have

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