George Kennan's Contianment concerning the War on Terrorism Essay

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George Kennan introduced the concept of containment into the United States government in 1947. He proposed the idea that in order to stop the spread of Communism, the government should place economic sanctions and non-violent means of pressure to force the Communist territories, and especially the Soviet Union, to succumb to United States desires. However, his policy was misunderstood by President Harry Truman, and was taken as containing communism through means of warfare and military action. Though misunderstood, the policy still worked and eventually the USSR fell in power. In 2002, President George W Bush, in reply to the World Trade Center attacks, issued a war against terrorism. Currently, as a highly controversial topic, it is being …show more content…
In the case of the War on Terror, the effects of United States sanctions have been so minute, they almost seemed destined to fail. For example, recently on October 25, 2007 the Bush Administration issued an economic sanction against Iran, cutting off more than twenty organizations, owned or ran by the Revolutionary Guards from U.S. finances.
The reasoning behind such measures is for new accusations against Iran, supposedly, Iran has supported terrorist groups, developed nuclear warfare, and provided arms to Iraqi insurgents. The United States feared the expansion of terrorism through Iran and hoped to halt it by issuing such sanctions. However, it has been proven that such sanctions have failed miserably. Unfortunately, the accusations have still yet to be proven true and so the international community is skeptical.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to increase trade to Iran and has warned the United States to discontinue the sanctions. China and Japan have also joined allies with Russia and have continued to support trade with Iran. This ineffective sanction has almost guaranteed a refusal by the Security Council for America to install another sanction towards Iran in the future. ?America's decision to impose unilateral penalties was a tacit admission that another sanctions resolution is unlikely to win Security Council approval due to Russian and Chinese opposition,? reported The Daily Telegraph. India, as

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