Kennan's Cons Of The Soviet Union

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Kennan used the Soviet Union of why communism must be contained. He stated that the Soviet Union is negative and destructive and they want to spread their global influence and policies. He claims that they will not stop the spread of communism until they are the dominate power in the world. He wants delegates to keep that information in mind when negotiating with them. He compares the Soviet Union to America, in America culture will change and political opinions will too. While in the Soviet Union they are forced to stay stagnant. They have to adhere to their government. Kennan was trying to point out how different and hostile the Soviet Union could be. He want to set up strategic polices that will be effective against the Soviet Union that will not result in the …show more content…
This bill would make countries that were financially ruined in WWII less susceptible to the spread of communism. If communism was able to spread all across Europe and to the Atlantic, America would have another treat of war. So by spending money then, they prevented a possible war that would have a greater expense. The next document from the Soviet Union tried to expose what they thought the Marshall Plan was. They had the idea that the Marshall Plan was set up so European countries will start to buy and depend on American goods. This article claims that America is only trying to give enough money to these countries in need, so they develop to the point of where they have enough money to buy from Americans, but not enough to make their own goods. Also they have the correct interpretation that America is trying to buy these countries away from communism and to capitalism. America wants to prevent communism from spreading and the Marshall Plan was a key factor. This article makes the wrong assumption in my opinion by saying America is just trying to milk these nations for their money. These nations had little to no money after WWII, so America gave them money to develop and to set up American trade in

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