From Slavery to Abolition to the Present Essay

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Slavery is an institution that was created almost as soon as the American nation was born. It was a means of economic and power hierarchy. The institution created a system of inequality between people with different levels of Melanin. It has been fueled by greed and selfishness that has created and left a black cloud over the nation. Abolitionist understood that it was a religious and morally wrong system and decided to put an end to it for the best of the country. This movement slowly changed a society that was molded by greed into accepting and understanding the community that we now live and strive in. The abolitionist movement was a political and social development to end slavery. (Altman) It was the first interracial social …show more content…
(Smith) Those who believed that slavery was immoral started a group of abolitionists who were determining to do what was right by God. The religious aspect of the progress was able to attract many of the followers, but with a deeper look into the institution, many abolitionists were able to see the horrible political implications. They felt that it went against the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. William Lloyd Garrison was a head of this movement and believed in the religious and political works he was doing for the cause. In 1854, he even publicaly burned a copy of the Constitution calling it “a covenant with death” and “an agreement with hell.” (Smith) This political argument was able to draw more people into the movement. They wanted a nation that stood by their word and did not bend it to suit the needs of one group or the rich and powerful. William Lloyd Garrison took the movement headfirst by starting The New England Anti-Slavery Society in 1831. (Altman) His first step helped give others gain the courage to start their associations. African American started their own groups much earlier and were able to start at least 50 communities. These communities were able to help fugitive slaves escape and earn money to buy those who were still in captivity. (Altman) in 1833 the American Anti-Slavery Society was created in the Philadelphia to spread the word across the

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