Freedom for All Essay

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Equality does not exist. When black people gained the right to citizenship in the United States, they did not have any basic rights. In the 1960s, revolutions began in an effort to obtain the same rights everybody else had. Lily, the protagonist of Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees, lives her adolescent life in this time with her abusive father T. Ray and her mother figure Rosaleen. While Rosaleen hopes to have the same rights that white people have, Lily hopes to obtain the freedom that came with adulthood. As they both took action for their goals, Black Americans in the 1960s also took action in the hopes that they would someday be given the rights denied to them. These events relate with each other by oppressing groups of people …show more content…
She feels mighty enough to take down her oppressors and defy the discrimination put upon her. The intensity of her actions also serves as an example of her defiance. By taking action, Rosaleen hopes to make progress toward the elimination of racism. If she were to walk away or ignore racism, it would surely continue. Although she knows that her actions will bring unwanted, negative consequences, Rosaleen risks her welfare in an attempt to advocate rights for all. In addition, Rosaleen newfound confidence allows her to express her own identity when pouring the snuff on the men. Rather than take the identity of a generic black woman, Rosaleen wanted the men to know who fought back against their oppression. By adding her name, Rosaleen ties her identity to the crime. After expressing her rights, the police arrest Lily and Rosaleen and put them in jail. In a similar incident, Martin Luther King Jr. spent some time in jail. After he protested in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, “local police officers arrested King… and transported [him] to the Birmingham city jail” (Bass). By jailing black people who defy segregation, white people gain more power over black people. When black people get in jail, they lost all the rights they had. As a result, they did not have any power. They could not any of the freedoms entitled to them outside of jail. As a result, white people became more powerful and could rule without fear of

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