Essay Fiction in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

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Growth of Gulliver’s Madness The journey to the country of the Houyhnhnms in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels presents to the reader a sub sequential growth of madness which is fictional. Swift style of writing was satiric and can be said to be Utopian in the message he intends to portray. The use of Houyhnhnms and Yahoos reveals much about the imaginary way of presenting a subject across to an audience. An endeavor, such as the one taken by Gulliver always comes with a risk. Considering the fact that he was not content with his human nature, and demonstrated his preference for animals and their set of organization. One may ask why Gulliver preferred the lifestyle of horses to that of men. Answering this question, gives us a …show more content…
Chloe Houston reflection on Gulliver’s Travel argued about the Utopia of this expression. How can you perceive animals in such a manner? This development of changes in Gulliver’s state of mind is a clear demonstration of madness. Gulliver’s perception about these animals is not the only strange thing he did, in addition to this; he was keen in having a relationship with these animals. At first he learnt how to say certain words with an accent like the horses. Example of which were like; Yahoo, Hhuun and Hounyhnhnms. Who in their rightful mind would want to express themselves like animals and not only that, but try to understand their language. Most of the commons in society in the 1700’s were not properly educated. Their vocabulary and pronunciation of words differs from that of the educated, the high society were Swift belongs. Initially all seemed right when associated himself with the animals and was trying to be like them. But along the line Gulliver was not too sure why the animals kept saying to themselves Yahoo, Yahoo anytime he was introduced to someone new. The Yahoos as mentioned by Swift, represents those in society who thought highly of themselves. The elite in society is typical example of such people. It is also madness to think of yourself what you are not and to mockery of the down and

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