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Notably, he was a thrilling poet, and a writer of dark narratives, this is Edgar Allan Poe. Poe’s life was overrun with tragedy. Just like many of his famous works, Poe's entire countenance suggests a hard life that meets a mysterious end. Aspiring writers and literature majors study Poe to get a better understanding of this particular genre. Many teachers refer to Poe, while teaching poetry. Many famous poets now refer back to Poe as an inspiration for their love of the poetry.The work of Poe

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Poe was a dark individual. In many of his poems Poe would deviously plan the death of one of the characters from the first point of view. The author was known to be depressed and have anxiety problems, which caused many people to be wary of him. Poe was a man who despite many setbacks managed to influence the world of poetry, and make great contributions to literature as well.

Poe was a man that had a dark, violent, and horrific writing style. Most of Poe's’ works included homicide, dark irony, and horror, which is believed to be associated with the death of his loved ones. “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”(Edgar Allan Poe).
Consequently, His parents died when he was very young, and had a hard childhood, since his adopted family was not always kind, and encouraging to him(Poets.org). He dug himself out of his depression with the help of his wife, but unfortunately spiraled back down after her sudden death. To illustrate the darkness of his works, he is known as the Father of Poetic Horror, though the title is not needed, because his works are a true testament to that. He uses repetition and rhythm to state a point, while showing true emotion in his work. He uses rhyme in many of his works to show his feelings and positions on the topics he speaks about. Lastly he uses dark Irony, sometimes to antagonize people in his poems, and sometimes, to show his hatred and ill will towards characters, who in his mind transition into
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