Fanfiction of Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger Essay

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Well, my fanfiction is about Sunny from The Catcher in the Rye. Sunny is the prostitute whom Holden Caulfield attempts to connect with, and not the kind of connect one would normally do with a prostitute. Holden attempts a real emotional connection with her. In my little fanfiction I am going to create my own little back-story for our little prostitute, but I have not done a whole lot of writing so I am sure it will be a woot, more or less.
Sunny is a young prostitute, to be exact she was “young as hell” and “she had a little weeny-winy voice” according to Mr. Holden Caulfield. So based on his, I am going to write of of that description.
Sunny came from a very high society set of pinkie raising tea drinkers for parents. Her parents Martin
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The Beaumonts were the parents of Sharon. They were the same type of people as the Prescott's.
During the time of little Ms. Sunny was the time when many teenagers began to rebel a bit more and notice what phonies adults could be. Sunny was of course not her real name, Her real name was actually Samantha. Samantha since childbirth was always of the curious sort. As she came to the teenage years Samantha completely detested her family and everything about them, all they would do is drink their tea, count their piles of gold, and poke fun at the help. Mrs. Prescott was fierce with it came to the help, she fired someone every week. One time when Mrs. Prescott was extremely ill she mistook her own daughter for a maid and attempted to fire her because the soup she brought her was a little to cold for her liking.
Samantha realizing the phoniness of her parents had quite enough of them. She began to rebel little by little but with little to no effect because as she noticed her parents did not notice her. Really, they payed her no attention at all, unless of course she sat wide legged or something else unladylike like, or even not raising her pinkie when drinking tea. She even stopped drinking tea all together in an effort to rebel, her own little Boston Tea Party. As she came to the realization that her parents paid her no attention, and everything, she just got u and left one day. At first she was

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