Factors Effecting Human Lifespan Essay

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There are many factors that make up the biological features that make human life’s existence possible on Earth. With that in mind, nothing lasts forever. Three major concerns that deprive the fullest, maximum potential to increase the lifespan of a human being are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and antibiotic resistance.
According to Judith Goodenough and Betty McGuire, authors of the textbook used in class, cardiovascular disease is the biggest factor of death found in both men and women throughout the United States. Cardiovascular disease can be defined as a variety of the different disease related to the heart and blood vessels. With the blood vessels alone, multiple conditions can occur, in which can endanger the life of the person
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Aneurysm can be simplify as when a wall of an artery is weaken by infection, injury, or inflamed, the area affected is surrounded by pressure of the blood, which as a result, the area will engorge tremendously. This can lead to serious, life-threatening situations. An aneurysm can be compared to a water balloon. A water balloon usually has fluids inside of it and with an aneurysm, it encloses blood and when it ruptures, blood is lost and everything in the blood, including oxygen and the vital nutrients, will be lost and the body won’t be able to replace them. An aneurysm in its pre-rupture form can still be deadly because this attracts the formation of blood clots, which blocks the transportation system of the blood to transfer gases and nutrients.
Atherosclerosis is the built up of plaque, which causes the wall of the arteries to have irregular shapes which can cause a blood clot. This is a condition in which fatty deposits in form of plagues form in the inside of the heart arteries’ walls. As a result, this can lead to the narrowness and stiffness of the arteries, which leads to weaker wall and more possibility of the arteries to be ruptured. HDL is good cholesterol that guides LDS, bad cholesterol, back to the liver to be recycled again. When HDL removes unwanted cholesterol from the blood vessels as a result, this process

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