F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gatsby Change Essay

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Some readers are irritated by Nick Carraway as a Narrator. What is your view of Fitzgerald’s use of Nick Carraway as a narrator?
Some readers can be hugely irritated by Nick as a narrator because he can be seen as lacking insight and very unperceptive ultimately this makes the reader feel wary about trusting Nick. He cannot give an accurate account of what has happened between Gatsby and Daisy before he met them. To make up for his lack of information, he turns to other sources such as Jordan Backer and Gatsby himself. At various points in the novel, Nick’s conversations with other characters serve to inform the reader about events that took place before Nick’s involvement in the story. In chapter IV, Nick listens to Jordan Baker describe
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By not treating Gatsby equal to the other characters we don’t get to see the real Gatsby as Nick is always protecting his reputation. On the other hand, he is not very understanding of Tom Buchanan. He describes him of conveying an ‘impression of fractiousness’. Nick’s contrasting views towards two main characters may have influenced the way he describes the events.
Another irritating aspect of Nick’s narration is that he is judgemental and hypocritical. He does judge people despite his statement that he is ‘incline to reserve all judgements’ Nick is a smug, self-righteous man who says ‘I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known’. Many of the description he gives of people and events may be based on his prejudices and faulty judgements.
However it is also easy to see Nick as a reliable and assuring narrator through Fitzgerald’s use of narrative techniques. He is in the perfect position for narrating the novel. Nick is the character who links everyone in place and can offer an eyewitness account of most of the events that happen to the three main characters. Therefore, he serves well as a reliable, objective narrator.
The unjudgemental nature he has obtained from his father is another factor that makes him an impartial narrator. Nick is tolerant and a good listener, so the description he gives of each event and character is highly analytical and less biased than

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