Exploring the Impact of Education on Civilization Essay

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Does education really have any noticeable impact on the evolution of society? We have had some amazing thinkers in our times, but it can be disheartening when looking around at society and considering that civilization as a whole may only be as good as the least educated individual. But this surely can't be, there must be evidence of education making some kind of difference. To further examine this, the words of Robert Frost are considered, "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence." So, the uneducated would do just that as a reaction to, say, texts that people read during the process of education, and those that have already been educated would, hopefully, express an …show more content…
It is, to the educated, without a doubt, that he pioneered the science of psycho-pathology, paving the way for another century of advances in psychological understanding so far. Those who are well versed in the basis of Freudian thinking are capable of knowing which of Freud’s contributions are legitimately upheld today, and which could have perhaps simply been the result of an obsessive mind.

It is astonishing how intent many people are at denouncing new knowledge that might change their perception of the world around them. Of all the evidence that exists - fossils, rock layers, cave paintings, preserved remains - it is surprising that some still refuse to even consider the option that their belief that the world is only four-thousand years old may be a fallacy. (I mainly bring this up because my father is one such person.) Charles Darwin had quite a crowd to appeal to. It is surprising that his discoveries were ever adopted by some of the uneducated, and spread to where they are today. The general feeling a person has on Darwin is that of frustration, derived when reading secondary sources that simply refer to his ideas as “survival of the fittest.” These untapped minds will then jump to some abstract concept similar to that of the Social Darwinists, and go on to be put off by the idea. This is

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