Essay about Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in Public Schools

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Evolution is the theory that different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth. In 1986 the supreme court mandated that evolution was to be taught in the public school system. It was also at this time that intelligent design was banned from being taught in public schools because it was determined that it was a violation of the 1st amendment because it would favor a certain religion (Lac, Hemovich, Himelfarb 2009). Intelligent design is the theory that life, or the universe could not have arisen by chance and was designed and created by some intelligent entity. Intelligent design should be allowed to be taught as an alternative theory in science classes in public schools. …show more content…
The scientific method is a four-step process that involves observation, hypothesis, experiment, and conclusion. Intelligent design is observed by Complex and Specific Information or CSI. Scientists hypothesize that if something is intelligently designed it will have large quantities of CSI. Intelligent design is testable through natural objects such as the human cell or even a strand of DNA. The complexity of these things are just two examples of CSI occurring (Le Beau 2007). By these steps scientists are able to conclude the theory of intelligent design through CSI. The National Academy of Science says that for something to be a science it must have confirmable data. They also agree that evolution is a science, yet there's no confirmable data. It's only a theory. The NAS also disagrees with the concept of intelligent design and states that it is not a science (ADL, 2012). However, intelligent design follows the scientific method even if it's just a theory.
America is known as the country of freedom and equality. It is also known for its democracy and majority rule voting. In a study done across the U.S, 44% of Americans believed that a higher being or God created the universe in a short amount of time. 36% of people felt that the earth was formed over millions of years, but still directed by God or higher intelligence.

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