Essay on Equality: Comparing Hobbes and Locke

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Hobbes and Locke’s each have different ideologies of man’s state of nature that develops their ideal form of government. They do however have similar ideas, such as how man is born with a perfect state of equality that is before any form of government and social contract. Scarcity of goods ultimately leads to Hobbes and Locke’s different states of nature that shapes their two different ideal governments because Hobbes believes that scarcity of goods will bring about a constant state of war, competition, and greed of man that cannot be controlled without a absolute sovereign as government while Locke believes that with reasoning and a unified government, man will succeed in self preservation of himself and others. …show more content…
Locke’s view is that man can self preserve with his use of reasoning. He believes that man uses his reason to not engage in a constant state of war. Locke would say that man has the rights to protect his property and what he has, but because of his reason he will not constantly go after other people’s property and engage in a state of war and will therefore attempt to coexist peacefully. Also if there is an abundance of goods, man will use reason to not go after another man or his property because he has enough for his own self-preservation. Hobbes belief of an absolute sovereign and Locke’s belief in a unified government is shaped by their different views of man’s state of nature. Hobbes states there is a need of an absolute sovereign as government because of man’s state of nature, which is a constant state of war. This state of war entails men who act as beasts because they follow instincts based on greed, competition, and brutish methods of self-preservation. These characteristics are the basis of man being in that state of nature, which is essentially brought upon by the scarcity of goods. Since man feels there is scarcity of goods, his thoughts of greed and competition will over take him and lead to a state of life that is nasty and full of violence. Hobbes says that without an intense and strict form of government, man cannot coexist peacefully because they will be under conditions of constant fear of

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