Essay on Energy-Efficient Homes

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Energy-Efficient Homes

A great number of today’s citizens are aware of ecological and environmental problems caused by pollution, such as smog and global warming. However, though we know about the effects of pollution and have taken steps to minimize this hazard, there is one important area often overlooked when trying to find cheap, simple pollution solutions. This area is the American home. While what we put into our homes and what we do in them contribute greatly to the annual U.S. household energy usage, the design of our homes plays a very important factor, since a poorly-constructed home will use more energy for maintenance, heating, and cooling than a home with an energy-efficient design. If we could reduce the amount of
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In prehistoric times, early humans abandoned tree life in search of less competition and more resources on the ground, and we have been doing the same thing ever since, moving into ecosystems and “making the best of whatever [we] found in them” (11). Allaby and Bunyard define this action as opportunism. There is nothing wrong with being opportunistic, as long as this behavior does not harm our well-being. Opportunism has proven to be beneficial to survival; organisms with the most successful adaptations and population numbers such as weeds, bacteria, insects, and many small mammals are opportunistic. As opportunists, humans have been successful in conquering every landmass on earth except for Antarctica, have been able to survive in inhospitable frigid and arid regions, and have even spent months in the lethal conditions of space. However, this same kind of behavior, when unchecked, can prove detrimental to both the social/economic and physical/environmental elements of human well-being (Cloke and Park 35).

For the purpose of improving the quality of our lives, we have relied on using increasingly larger amounts of energy, often without much thought to the amount of pollution produced to generate the energy. The fact that “more electricity is consumed in the United States through the use of air conditioners than more than 800 million Chinese use for everything” demonstrates vividly the scale of energy use in America (Allaby and Bunyard 170). This

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