Essay on EHRs to PHRs: History and Future

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The never ending change of how we store and manage vital information nowadays is advancing exponentially. This has been made possible due to the development of ‘paper-less’ systems.
This has been achieved by the use of Electronic Health records (EHR’s) and Personal Controlled Electronic Health Records (PCEHR’s).
EHR’s and PCEHR’s are responsible for the storage and accessibility of their personalised health data for users who interact with these systems. The use of EHR’s is currently becoming the standard for most establishments such as hospitals and medical clinics around the world and especially medical facilities in Australia.
To guarantee that the EHR’s or PCEHR’s are a successful system, health staff and
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This was because the interface was too confusing for staff to navigate through nor how to remember how they got to a section they previously visited.

Another reason was that technical skills to use such systems were very uncommon amongst most people at the time, so there were definitely always going to be growing pains when introducing such a new way of organizing data to users who aren’t computer savvy nor have barely any experience on a computer.

Finally, these types of early systems had known compatibility issues when it came to sharing documentation with fellow/neighboring systems, these conflictions caused much disarray amongst users as a single system couldn’t handle the workload required in this workforce, but without these earlier issues, there is no way we could have the smooth, efficient and user friendly EHR’s that are used by the industry today.

The relationship of EHR to PCEHR:
The relationship between EHR and PCEHR allow information to be securely stored electronically. PCEHR is a system that enables the users to manage their medical related documents such as bills, charts, prescriptions and visits.

Summary records such as PCEHR sets questions such as ‘if we build it, will it be used and will people be attracted to it’. The difficulty with using PCEHR’s in many countries is that it can cause individuals to disregard using the system. For instance, David Glance makes an interesting point when he states that “the experience of summary

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