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Education has always been a primary concern for my parents, who taught me that if I need to succeed in life, I have to be educated. Following their guide, I have always valued and tried to get the most of any educational opportunity I have had. Having grown up in a business family, I have always been interested in focusing my career in the business field. My Mother and Father own their own company, and they are constantly talking about business, which has inspired me to follow their path. When my parents retire, they want me to carry on their legacy. For this reason, I have decided to pursue my studies in the field of Business and Leadership at Marylhurst University. I want to pursue a well-rounded education at this established university …show more content…
I need to be a person who thinks, reads, listens critically, and has the ability to understand social issues. I also want to be a creative problem solver and use this skill to interpret and make decisions in everyday life. Another characteristic of an educated person that I want to promote is to be someone who is skilled in communication and social interaction; a well-educated person is articulate and confident in everything he/she does. In addition, I want to learn to be able to organize ideas powerfully and clearly and deliver them effectively to the world. A well-educated person is able not only to keep the main goal in focus, but is also able to continue to think logically at the same time. They also have the ability to see the big picture and then break it down into smaller pieces for closer assessment. These characteristics are important for me to develop in order to be successful in my family business. In addition, Once I develop the skills of listing and writing effectively, problem solving, leading, public speaking, working with others, organizing and coping with stress through a liberal arts education, I will be able to perform better in anything. Marylhurst has a fine reputation both as a liberal arts and business focused university, and I believe that a Marylhurst education will fulfill my needs. My Business and Leadership major will enable me to achieve the

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