Duality of Soul in Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Duality of Soul in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

In real life the duality of the soul of man is studied and analyzed as a possibility. People try to investigate the prospect of this facet of human behavior and spend much time trying to determine the ways that a dual personality can affect people. Today's movies and literature deal with the possibility of a good and evil twin residing in the same body, sometimes in varying degrees. This concept first gained great prominence in the fiction work written by Robert Lewis Stevenson in The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This story, first published in 1886, utilizes the duality of soul concept through example of one Henry Jekyll, showing in many ways what can and does happen when
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Still he did not want to risk his image of goodness or the impression that people carried of him. Jekyll believed that man is not truly one person, but two, that being the reason that he had such inner conflict between good and evil. He was determined to prove the two-ness of man by an experiment on his own body, this way he could be free to display his wilder, amoral tendencies and not sacrifice his good self. What his character learned though his experimental journey in the novel by Stevenson, was that as his evil side took hold and conquered the righteousness of his respectability, corruption triumphing over good. His experiment proved the difference in the body image as the character of Hyde emerged in the form of the evil man being smaller, stooped in stature and having almost grotesque qualities about his face. Jekyll's clothes hung pitifully large on his arms and at his ankles. The jacket of the good doctor fell almost to his knees of the devious character. Sadly he thought he could be free to change back and forth at will from the tall upward Jekyll to the smaller gnarly Hyde but he found out that when the evil self emerged there was a process of loss involved. It worked for a time, changing from one side of the personality to the other, but then the crime of murder and wrong doings especially the brutal crime against a child became too much for the decent part of Jekyll to bear. He lost himself and his

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