Diversity Statement - African American Essay examples

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Diversity Statement - African American


When people hear the word 'diversity', they often think in terms of black and white. I believe the true meaning of diversity is not simply about skin color, economic background or the face value of any other characteristic, rather it is the increased knowledge and sensitivity gained from unique experiences. The strength of diversity then comes from having many points of view and trying to reconcile them by finding common truths or resolving differences amongst people. Being a person of mixed heritage, my father is black and my mother is white, has definitely affected my life and contributed to the development of qualities that enhance my ability to embrace the uniqueness of those around
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Having been raised by a single parent, we did not have much money. We never lived in fancy apartments and had an old car that blew snow inside when you turned on the heat. I learned a sense of responsibility and independence from a young age taking my first job sophomore year in high school and working 15 to 20 hours per week throughout the remainder of high school and in college to save money.


I have always had friends from many different backgrounds and have found myself frequently in the position of playing arbiter amongst different peer groups. It has been a unique strength to be able to bring people who would otherwise never give each other a second glance together. I always seek opportunities to deepen my understanding of other cultures. In high school, I had many Jewish friends and attended Hebrew School lessons, Seders, Shabbas dinners and Bas Mitzvahs. In college, I studied Jewish Culture in a formal class to learn more about Jewish History. I also studied Sign Language for a year taking the unique opportunity to learn about the deaf community. I got to know some of the blind students at my college by assisting them with homework involving reading assignments. Studies and opportunities such as these have helped me to build some familiarity and understanding of different people and I continue to look for chances to deepen my knowledge of those around me.

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