Determinants on the Diffusion of Democracy Essay

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Determinants on the Diffusion of Democracy
Throughout contemporary society there exist many different forms of government structures. Some countries range from aristocratic governments, theocratic governments or hierarchies. Governments stand as powerful institutions that instigate political order within a nation. They create and implement different societal rules and help to maintain moral order. With the analysis of the many different government forms throughout the world, democracy stands to be the most popular regime. Though democracy holds as the most popular form of political rule, not all countries around the world function under a democratic polity. Democracy takes root in some countries over others due to a varying
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“Mesolevel or regional perspectives, such as that of Deegan (1994), hold that, since the globe is a mosaic of different religions and states, some regional contexts are more amenable to political change then others” (O'Loughlin et al 549). Nations across the world differ in multiples ways. They have different cultures, procedures, or pieces of history that contribute to the means in which each region functions. “Countries like Denmark minority governments are virtually the norm, while in Germany they are a rare occurrence...similarly, governments in Italy are notoriously unstable, while Dutch governments frequently last the entire legislative period” (Diermeler, Erasian, Merlo 28). The world is full of a diversity of political polity.
Consequently, in examining why a country falls under a political rule, many people look into the history of the country, mainly focusing on war. An example of the indirect influence of war was “the Great Depression, which weakened the global democratic community, and in turn threatened democratic survival” (Kadera et al 234). Contrastingly, “five democracies became autocratic between 1933 and 1943” (Kadera et al 234). With the decrease in economic prosperity throughout the 1930’s and early 1940’s it was made difficult for the world to transition or maintain democratic

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