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Robotics has been the ultimate form of man’s inspiration from nature as he tries to copy all of his own attributes and implement them on a “non-living” object. Most of its underlying principles, dictated by Physics and Mathematics, culminated in due course of my baccalaureate degree to be encapsulated in a subject called Control Systems. The past few years have given me the chance to explore several areas of Robotics in my projects, ranging from industrial solutions to mathematical issues and this has shaped my desire to pursue graduate studies in this field.

What started initially as a favourite hobby, over time turned into a passion and my zest to be a professional in this field was fuelled ever since. I began by designing circuits
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Having done only basics, it was a tough ask as I had to learn both Verilog and about Digital Signal Processing and integrate them. Unfazed and always ready to meet challenges, I designed an IIR Filter in Matlab. After developing the code for it in Verilog using the Direct Arithmetic Algorithm, I had it verified and simulated extensively using ModelSim and XilinxISE 7.1. The excitement and the Eureka feeling that accompanied the experience appealed to me greatly and made it a special one.
In order to explore robotics from a rigorous theoretical perspective, I approached Dr.Sankaranarayanan Velupillai, (IITB Ph.D), Asst. Professor at the Electrical and Electronics Department, NIT, Trichy, who has worked intensively in the area of Under-actuated Systems. Along with another batch mate, I was initially assigned to review literature on Sliding Mode Control. This project gave me an insight into modelling physical systems and developing control algorithms to tackle non-linear systems. We then, went about finding a better solution for the popular problem of Cart on a Beam system using Higher Order Sliding Mode. After extensive mathematical treatment of the problem, we finally arrived at the all important solution of an effective control and simulated using MATLAB. Eventually this work led to the acceptance of the paper at the ROBIO’09, the international IEEE Control Conference on Robotics and Biometrics to be conducted at Guilin, China. Being a person who relishes

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