David and Goliath: creativity Essay

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1. Summary of Article
The journal article by David and Goliath inspect on the issue on merger and acquisitions of an organisation and concerned with communication between employees and top management.
The article also examine on various collections of data that changes show beforehand results in reduced adverse effect of the merger.
Communication is the important way to help management to reduce employee’s anxiety and doubt that follows by the cause of the merger. Foreseeable change should be conveying to employees rapidly to prevent negative feelings such as stress, job dissatisfaction and low commitment to work. Studies show that communication increased employee’s performance and lessen their uncertainty.
Another customized methods
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Data were collected at four different points to test the hypotheses.
Overall, there is no empirical evidence to support the hypotheses but it will help employees to tackle the problems and maintain it after the preview has taken place.

2. Brief review of Case Study
Bushwhacker Mining Pty. Ltd and Coogan River Ltd. (CRL) was both a mining industry company. Bushwhacker was a small, developing and well-known gold mining company that was highly look upon for its power to render unprofitable contract renting buildings into good earners. Unlike Bushwhacker, CRL was a large company with interests in iron ore, petroleum, gold and copper. CRL depend heavily on its iron ore business because the transparent size of this small surface of its operation leads to short-term losses. Bushwhacker, nevertheless, was in a more risk position because it was always at the downside of the gold price. The decreasing price of the gold was always a good long-term offering with long-term contracts guaranteed, hence CRL began to suggest to takeover Bushwhacker.
To build the success of the company, Bob Cowdrey, senior HR manager of CRL, act as a change agent to implement the strategic change process to CRL’s division management team.

3. Issues Identified in Case Study
Need for a Different Culture
Many of the prior CRL staff who resigned because

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