Essay on Communicable Diseases

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The world today faces many challenges: climate change due to global warming, hunger and malnutrition in third world countries due to poverty, poor governance and corruption, endless wars and conflicts, and the list goes on. But the issue of communicable disease is what alarms most of the people in every nation particularly the third world countries. In fact, large percent of deaths all over the globe are caused by infectious diseases. This concern should be tackled first amongst other issues. Communicable diseases doesn’t only affect a single country, it can also become pandemic.

First and foremost, communicable diseases or infectious diseases have been a major issue around the globe. HIV/AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired
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One example is the West Nile Virus. It is believed that this disease reach the United States via “mosquitoes that crossed the ocean by riding in airplane wheel wells and arrived in New York City in 1999” (Workshop Summary – Forum on Microbial threats). The advancement of transportation made it easier for diseases to spread in a certain area or around the world. An individual, who traveled to a country for a few days, went home, unaware that he contacted a disease, and infected his neighbors. This scenario then causes the spreading of a foreign disease in a certain area. If this disease is not contained, it will become pandemic. The outbreak of an infectious disease in a country has immense effects on the country’s economy, mortality rate, health and development. Depending on how deadly is the disease, death is inevitable to the citizens. This will cripple the livelihood as infected people will not be able perform any work. As a result, the productivity decreases as labor force weakens. In addition, people will avoid travelling to the infected country in fear of contacting the disease. This will hit the country’s economy especially if the country depends on tourism. Then, citizens will have a higher chance to starve, resulting to a new problem.

It has been claimed that only unhealthy people have the chance of getting infected by diseases. This position goes on to further claim that healthy people are safe from any

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