Colony Collapse Syndrome Essay examples

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The disappearance of honey bees is baffling scientists everywhere. Although most people see bees as useless annoying insects, they play an important role in the eco-system. Without bees, agricultural business would cease to exist, so it is vital that bees are saved. Currently, about one-third of the honey bees on the United states have disappeared. It seems that within a few days of having a good, healthy colony of bees, most of the adult population disappears. They can't even find any bodies near the hive. Scientists nicknamed this as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Bees have been disappearing all over the globe. Countries such as Portugal, Poland, Central America, and South America have all reported cases of the phenomenon. When bees …show more content…
Its a little bit of everything, chemicals, pesticides, or even malnutrition, and whatever they find that caused it, will only be just the piece of straw that broke the camels back. In my research, since PBS's documentary “The Silence of The Bees” in 2007, very little has changed about what scientists understand about CDC. But, what has changed since 2007 are the possible causes of CDC. Again, generally all of the professionals are in some sort of agreement that CDC does not have one, specific, and all-defining cause. But it is more likely that CDC is caused by a myriad of things. A few of the possible causes I kept seeing over and over were: Neonicotinoid pesticides, which is a nuero-active pesticide, and Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV), which is known to cause paralysis, trembling, and death in bees. Both seem to have been found in most of the infected hives, but strangely enough, it seems that they can be found in healthy hives also. Which just goes to show, that CDC is, again, not caused by just one factor. Some believe that stress, or malnutrition may also be the cause of CDC. Stress of the population being so low, and the bees being overworked on more acres, and having longer work years than usual. Malnutrition because of just the scale at which these bees work. If you were to eat celery, every day, for a week, you would, become week, and your immune system probably wouldn't work as well,

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