Climate Change Essay

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Sometimes it is not the direct case or cause of human-induced or man-made anthropogenic climatic changes and sometimes it may not be directly due to natural causes but, due to one single and sudden cause whose origination has not yet been completely understood, whose infestation has been found to have caused ripple effects to affect the total environment from top to bottom and bottom to top of the impacted hierarchy of the living things who have and that has gone through tremendous pressure and in-turn has pressurized the environment as well to create a web of and link of events and reactions that has on a final analysis have potentials to raise temperature levels as a result of discharge of the many specific green-house gas emissions, the …show more content…
China now has a population of 700 million pigs in the country’s 1.8 million pig farms and most of this pig population which is part of the burgeoning Chinese pork meat industry is found to annually produce 1.4 million tons of manures and 7 million metric tons of urine wastes which are currently not being treated to convert the wastes into something alternatively useful utilities. However, the sheer levels of the quantities of wastes of which only a tenth of them are presently being treated but, most of the nutrients in the waste which could be crucial for a beneficial conversion are lost with an estimation of nutrient loss from just one pig alone is worth $50 a year and added to this loss is the increased levels and large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous pollutants & contaminants have been recorded to have been discharged and released to the atmosphere and the environment contributing to global warming with abilities shown to trigger climatic changes due to aggravation in the levels of temperature in the atmosphere.

This recorded trend has demanded a case for urgent need and requirement to enforce already laid out strict regulations to cut down on the green-house gas emissions from various

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