Classification Essay - Evolution of the Motorcycle Rider

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Evolution of the Motorcycle Rider

My first motorcycle was a Kawasaki Eliminator 250 street bike. I consider it to have been my training bike, and it was somewhat generic in the sense that it was not easily identifiable as a member of a specific style of motorcycle. And, more importantly, by associating with other riders, I realized that I was not easily identifiable as a member of a specific class of riders. Riders are a species all their own; and, though there are many sub-classes within a class, observation has shown that three main branches of evolution can account for most riders.

The cruiser (Homo Draggusanus) variety is most often seen riding a vintage Harley or Indian-made motorcycle. He rides very low to the
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They can most often be seen traveling on deserted highways or socializing in rural cafés or icehouses.

The sportster (Homo Crotchrocketus) is a sleek creature that is most often seen riding a Kawasaki Ninja or Suzuki Katana.In order to decrease air resistance, members of this class ride face down in the fetal position. Sportsters are younger than the average cruiser, ranging in age from eighteen to thirty. They move so swiftly that they are very rarely seen; like the firefly, the sportster may be seen in one's peripheral vision, but when one turns to look, the sportster is gone. If an observer is lucky enough to get a good look at one of these creatures, he may see a full-faced helmet with a dark, tinted shield and a torso covered with bright stripes or patches in wild, fluorescent colors. If one were to sneak a peek at a dis-helmeted sportster, he might also see a clean-shaven face, or, maybe, a short, neatly trimmed goatee, relatively short, bleached-blond hair, and gleaming-white teeth. Members of this class usually ride in groups of two or three and are most often seen in urban areas. They stop infrequently to socialize, usually in large, open parking lots where they smile and laugh heartily with other members of the pack. But don't let this frivolity fool you--when approached by an outsider, on or off the road, the sportster's attitude says, "I am a Motorcycle Maven. God of the

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