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Summary We performed a series of experiments that enabled us to understand some basic biochemical and biophysical principles; Osmosis, Diffusion, Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic substances and the like. We differentiated hydrophobic substances and hydrophilic substances by observing the different reactions of water, oil, and substance X. On the other hand, we also observed the different characteristics of Osmosis and Diffusion. Finally, we described the different characteristics of some

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SUB- substance


Not everyone is compatible to each other. Nobody is completely liked by everyone. This also holds true of substances such as water, oil, alcohol, etc. While the majority of cells are composed of water

and most living organisms rely on water itself for survival, cells need hydrophobic and hydrophilic reactions I order to stay alive. Hydrophilic molecules love water while Hydrophobic molecules obviously hates it. But in cells, Hydrophobic molecules actually protect and contribute to the compartmentalization of different organelles in a cell. On the other hand, the cell cannot live without water and so, Hydrophilic molecules allow the cell to interact fully with water. The objectives of the experiments on these reactions will help students understand the importance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules, the factors that contribute to the reaction, and the role of these molecules in molecular organization.

All of us are always in constant motion. What do you think will happen if everything just stops moving? Life as we know it would not be as meaningful as it is. We are able to move freely because of Kinetic energy we get from food and other sources. This kinetic energy also causes molecules from concentrated areas to the less concentrated ones. Try to picture being inside an air conditioned room and then suddenly, the person on the other side of the room sprays perfume. 5 minutes later, you were able to
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