Bible: Paul's Epistles Essay

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The Book of Romans was written around 57-58 A.D. Paul was writing to the Church in Rome from Corinth. It had long been his desire to go to Rome to preach the Gospel of Christ. Paul was a Roman citizen and felt a kinship with his fellow Romans. The occasion of writing was the desire of the apostle to labor in the great city, a desire which had thus far been hindered, and the opportunity was furnished by the departure of Phoebe from Corinth to Rome. Still firm in his purpose to see and preach in Rome, a letter to the church would tend to prepare the way. (Johnson) This letter is placed first in order of epistles though it was likely written 5th. It is placed correctly as it is the most extensive and complete exposition on the central …show more content…
This epistle sets the doctrine of faith and grace. Jesus is the only way to salvation and works will not save. Paul’s letter to the Romans has always drawn the interest of the many interpreters of Scripture. Salvation by grace is the main attraction in this epistle and the evidence is both plentiful and very solid. The facts in this letter have seldom come under attack by any noted scholars. Even the Biblical scholar that forms his or her own opinion about their own religious beliefs admits that the epistle to the Romans commands Scriptural authority. The focus on salvation by grace alone as opposed to the opposite equation of salvation by works, are so diametrically opposed, that it can be surmised that no one would try to bring these two viewpoints to reconciliation. The fact is that the attempt to reconcile the two has been made. It is all but impossible for the intellect of mankind to understand the doctrine contained in the book of Romans. Still any person that professes Christianity must admit that it is Divine Scripture. There must therefore be reconciliation between the limited wisdom of humanity and the revelations Paul received from God. With help from the indwelling Holy Spirit, and a close study of the letter to the Romans, man can gain the knowledge necessary to correctly understand the doctrine of grace as revealed to Paul. The fact that this is inspired Divine Scripture means that

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